Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Niels Peter Neilsen "Captain Peter Nelson"

Posting information that was shared with me on Facebook   I found it very interesting because the common story is that there was either a domino or checker game between Colonel Titus and Mr Rice.  Anyone have any thoughts?

My great grandfather Niels Peter Neilsen was in the poker games to name the town that was lost to Titus. Neil's wanted it named sandy cove and. Sand. Point. My grand mother was Elizabeth Louise Neilsen. She married Herbert Tillman Metzger who was born in Lagrange fl. After his death she remarried to Charles E. Raulerson who passed away in 1941 and she in 1974. She lived on garden street

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