Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Frances Delespine Boye' connection to Brevard goes back to 1817

L-R Frances Delespine Boye', Stella Budge, Frances Amelia Pritchard Budge, Mary Haley Boye' Pritchard-  late 1891

France Boye' approx 1896 in the dining room of Pritchard House

Frances Delespine Boye'  estimated 1850s

My great- great grandmother, Frances Delespine Boye',  was the daughter of Joseph Delespine and one of the heirs to the Delespine Grant.   It was her portion on which the Capt James Pritchard family settled and built their first home in the area in 1876, James Pritchard being her son-in-law.  Her son, Frank Boye' also settled on the Grant.

After the big freeze in 1886, Capt Pritchard's family moved from the grant into Titusville, and in 1891 Capt built our family home that is now the Pritchard House Museum.   Frank Boye' & family stayed on the Grant.  Franks'  home was built of the same material used to in the Castillo de San Marco in St Augustine, and my grandfather talked about helping him build it.   The house was located where La Marimba now stands.  It was torn down when US1 was widened to 4 lanes.

When you consider the Delespine Grant was awarded to Joseph Delespine in 1817, his descendants may have the earliest connection to Brevard County.
Polly Schuster

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