Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I have Pioneer Ancestors on both sides of my Mother’s (Maggie Kittles Miller) family.  The below information applies to my brother and to all my cousins that are still here in Brevard County, Fla.  We all share ancestors that helped make what Titusville is today.   They were farmers, fishermen, Draymen, orange grove owners, railroad engineers and politicians.  I will start with the earliest:

KITTLES - Mom Father’s side of family……….

1.  Stephen Ambrose Kittles (1847 – 1907) – My Mothers Grandfather, my Great Grandfather. He was a Veterinary Surgeon in Titusville for many years.  He came to Titusville in the late 1800’s and shows up on the 1900 Census living in Titusville.  He lived in a big 2 story cracker house on Orange Street where all the Kittles children were born (even my Mother).  This house is where the old Rinker Concrete Plant was off Garden Street.
2.  Stephen Ambrose Kittles II (1897 – 1977) –  He was my Mothers father, my Grandfather.   He was born in Titusville in 1897 in the ole home on Orange Street.  The 1920 census show he worked at the old Ice Plant on Tropic when he was 22.  He served in the Army during WWI .  He was a laborer, a guard at the old prison and a Florida East Coast RR engineer.  

Picture below L to R:  Gifford Kittles driving car on Orange St, Unknown baby,  baby Stephen Kittles III and Stephen Kittles II (Grandpa).                                             

HOLTON – Mom’s Mother side of family.

Edward Henry Holton (1874 – 1951) – Mable Holton Kittles Father, my Mothers Grandfather and my Great Grandfather.  He came to Titusville in 1892 after marrying Alice Griffis.  The story is he bought the ole Holton homestead at the corner of Main Street and Canaveral Ave for $89.00.  The Merckson cousins grew up in this house. The house still stands today.
Edward Henry Holton was a fisherman and a Drayman where he would take his horse and buggy down to the train station and transport passengers to wherever they wanted to go…usually a local hotel such as the Titus House or the Dixie Hotel.  

Picture below:  Edward Henry Holton (Great Grandfather)

Mabel Holton Kittles (1898 – 1994) – She is my Maternal Grandmother and was born in the Holton Homestead house on Main Street in 1898.  After her marriage to Grandpa Kittles, she became a housewife.  She was the sweetest lady and took in boarders or hobo’s off the train.  Of course she would make them work around the house for their room and board.  

Picture below L to R:  Mable Holton Kittles and her sisters, Lizzie and Agnes circa early 1900's


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  1. This is great. Thank you for sharing your story and the pictures. Love the pictures