Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Guy Boyd was born the year before the Titanic sunk

Many of you may remember Guy Boyd, long time resident of Titusville who was with us until 2012 when he passed away at the age of 101.   He and my mom, Mary Pritchard Schuster,  were long time friends, she being born in 1914 and living to the age of 100 1/2.  She told me once that when they were in high school, the tradition was for the Juniors to escort the Seniors during graduation.  When Guy graduated in 1930 there were 19 in his class,  he asked her to escort him.  She was only a sophomore, was thrilled, and something she never forgot.  His graduation was also the day she got to wear her first pair of pumps.   

Guy's son Ron, was kind enough to share his father's biography with me and today's blog features excerpts from the biography 

Guy came Boyd to Titusville from Illinois in 1911 when he was six weeks old.  ( His birth date is 9-6-11)  William Howard Taft was president and life expectancy was 47.   An article in the NY Times reported food prices had increased 25% between 1911and 1912:   A dozen eggs: .30 to .40, 2 lbs of sugar: .12 to .14 bread stayed the same at .08 per loaf.  

He broke his arm badly when he was 13 and there was no hospital in Titusville.  The only Dr. had no x-ray, they took him to the local dentist, stuck his elbow up under the x-ray and started taking many, many 1 inch images.  Then these were put together to see how bad the break was.  If his arm needed an operation, he would have to take the train to a hospital in Jacksonville. 

Guy played football on the first team ever to play at Titusville High.  He said he had never seen a football game.  When a substitute came in, they had to exchange pads. They played Daytona Beach in that first game and lost 50 to 0.

In 1941 he leased and then purchased a Gulf Service Station that was then located just north of where City Hall now stands. He worked at this station for 35 years and retired in 1976. 

In 1947, Guy  was approached by some City leaders, to run for city council. The population at this time was about 1100 as he recalled. Guy said he wasn’t interested but when the leaders said Guy wouldn’t have to do any campaigning or spend any money, he agreed.  He was elected to a two year term and then re-elected to another term. He was elected Mayor during his second term.
He said the only memorable action he can remember during the council years was they changed the type of city government from Mayor to City Council.  There were five council members and he said he cannot recall anyone attended the meetings except the council members.  The salary for being a councilman was $5.00 per month.   At the time, the Mayor was also the City Judge.   During his tenure as City Judge, he can’t remember anyone coming before him except an occasional drunk. Some of the fines for law-breakers back then were:
1.    $5.00 for spitting on the sidewalk
2.    $5.00 for cursing in public
3.    $15.00 for lighting a gas lantern in the city limits.  Downtown Titusville burned to the ground in the late 1800’s because of this.

He started teaching Sunday School in 1942 at the original First Baptist Church in Titusville which was located on Palm Street behind the present First Baptist Church in downtown Titusville.  The property is now a parking lot.  And in 2012 was in his  69th year of teaching Sunday School! 

Guy died Oct. 12, 2012 at the age of 101. and was buried at La Grange Cemetery where his wife is buried.   

In 1932, Guy Boyd married Lois Taylor, granddaugher of James A Taylor who settled in Shiloh in 1893.
Pictured L-R Ron Boyd, David Taylor(Lois' father) Lois Taylor Boyd.

Thank you Ron for sharing your dad's story & these photos.  Polly Schuster

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