Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Greetings from Titusville, Florida

Friday, March 3, 2017

Budge & Bicycles

Frank T Budge married Frances Amelia Pritchard "Lee", daughter of Capt & Mrs James Pritchard on Feb 14, 1889 at St. Gabriel's here in Titusville.   In 1896, opened a new store in Miami, which was the first hardware store in Miami  after that Capt Pritchard bought the Titusville store  and it became James Pritchard & Son.


My grandfather, Boud Pritchard & Frank's brother , Harry Budge in front of the hardware store 
Looks like they had their own bike path right on Washington Ave.  
 Thinking of how long it took for a picture back then, guessing it was a slow traffic day.  
 Can you imagine standing in the middle of US1 today to snap a photo of you and your friend with your bicycles?  

Prior to settling in Titusville, Frank T Budge lived in Orlando for a time.  This photo of Frank and friend was taken in Orlando.   I've always wondered- why the roller skates and the costume.

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